Cheers to World Elephant Day!

Monday August 12th, 2019

And a big thank you to you!

12th of August is an important day for us to help raise awareness of the threats that elephants face. All year round, we support conservation projects in firm determination to prevent the extinction of the African elephant in the near future.

Today, there are more elephants being killed than there are being born. And if you do the simple math: at this rate, elephants will not be around for much longer. Last year, the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) estimated that around 20,000 elephants are being killed each year exclusively for their ivory – that’s an average of 55 a day!

All grim statistics aside, on World Elephant Day, we want to celebrate recent achievements; such as increasing our support for Big Life Foundation’s anti-poaching rangers to 45 in total. With your help, we are now able to provide for salaries, food and equipment for the rangers that are out in the field every day protecting the herds and bulls around Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya.

The Ranger Club plays a very important role in the Big Life Foundation; rangers patrol the fields day and night, tracking and arresting poachers. Regardless of their importance, rangers are only one part of an integral system of efforts that help conserve the species. This is why Elephant Gin also supports Space For Elephants and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, organisations in charge of restoring elephant migratory routes and rescuing and rehabilitating orphan elephants (respectively).

The primary cause for poaching still finds its roots in the ivory market. Although, let’s not forget that elephants face other threats that also play a crucial role in their extinction rate, for example:

  • Habitat destruction – deforestation and the fragmentation of elephant territories.
  • Human-wildlife conflict – for instance, metropolisation in areas encompassing elephant routes, which shortens resources and decreases livestock.
  • Mistreatment – in environments not suitable for elephants, like circuses and zoos.

The world is indeed facing an elephant extinction crisis. Although, there are many practical ways in which YOU can help support this cause – every little helps.

  1. Do not buy ivory or ivory products: Let’s start with the obvious one!
  2. Donate or fundraise: There are many organisations devoted to the preservation of elephants. If you don’t know which ones to support, take a look at the ‘Conservation’ page on our website.
  3. Avoid captivity environments: like zoos, circuses, elephant rides or any service keeping an elephant in a cage!
  4. Foster a baby elephant: You can do so through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for a minimum of 50 dollars. Every cent will go to the care of an orphan elephant.
  5. Conscious buying: Know where your products come from! For example, some coffee and timber are grown in areas that deforest elephant habitats. Make sure to buy Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber and fair trade coffee. Also, go for products that donate directly to elephant conservation efforts, like Elephant Gin!

Our Elephant Buck is a summer cocktail created for World Elephant Day – Click here to see the recipe.

Cheers to World Elephant Day with Elephant Buck!