Saturday August 10th, 2019

On August 19th, 2018 The Wildlife Spirit, our education centre, was founded. The Wildlife Spirit is committed to teaching visitors of all ages on the importance of wildlife and elephants in the Lebombo area: their intelligence, ecosystem and significance to the world we live in. 

After one year, through the combined efforts of Elephant Gin and Space For Elephants Foundation, we have started to see successes in the centre’s core mission. From the creation of new jobs to leveraging tourism in the area, The Wildlife Spirit has helped a community that depends on the environment around them thrive. And, throughout the process, teach sustainable conservation methods to the community.

The Wildlife Spirit is not just an informational centre for locals or elephant aficionados; it also offers a range of unique activities for people looking to experience local traditions by themselves. Elephant tours, botanical garden visits, and dung paper making (yes, dung) are only some of the things you can do here. The paper is, by the way, 100% recycled and 100% odour and bacteria-free! It is produced in a simple and cost-effective way to reuse natural resources.

We’ve also recently started our own paper trash collection and recycling challenge (we’re making bricks!) and are now producing seasonal cards containing seeds you can plant after reading the card.

Elephant Gin has not just partnered up with Space For Elephants in order to pass on knowledge and empower the community to move forward in a sustainable way. The company also donates 15% of profits from each bottle sold to foundations that, among others, restore destroyed elephant migratory routes. This gives freedom to a hundred thousand elephants in the region. 

The Wildlife Spirit seeks to maintain the passion and enthusiasm that Digs Pascoe, the CEO of Space For Elephants, once devoted to protecting the lives and wellbeing of elephants. Sadly, Pascoe passed away last year. His incredible dedication for elephant care was, in fact, what inspired Tessa and Robin to start Elephant Gin and try to carry his enormous legacy forward.