Today’s generation will make or break the future of this planet!

Businesses and individuals alike need to own the responsibility to ensure that future generations will be able to experience the same natural landscapes and wildlife we do today.

At Elephant Gin, we do our part to make the world a better place. With safer elephants, better gin and more sustainable business practices! 

Not only do we dedicate 15% of profits to the endangered African elephant cause, but have continuously been striving to make our business practices more people and planet friendly. In fact, the topic of sustainability and social responsibility is reflected in all facets of our company; from waste reduction and innovative recycling initiatives to smarter bar initiatives as well as furthering education and providing work opportunities in wildlife conservation.

The first step to changing the world is having the right spirit!


We apply our belief into all of our economic practices and produce our gin in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We start by sourcing recyclable and sustainable materials, including glass bottles, natural corks, hemp string decoration and cardboard boxes.

We are also committed to a plastic policy that actively avoids (single-use) plastic. For packaging shipment, we omit bubble-wrap, styrofoam or the like and instead use shredded 100% recyclable boxes for cushioning the goods. We also use paper (and currently developing sugar cane) straws and are trialing paper packing tape to replace the plastic one.

In order to avoid plastic waste, we have decided to refrain from the usage of PVC/PET shrink caps but look for a more ecological way of how we could protect the cork of our bottles. The result is a 100% biodegradable shrink sleeve made from polylactic acid. This is a compostable material that complies to global standards and is the only approach into a greener world.

For the production of our marketing materials, we take a similar approach as we try to source recycled paper or that made out of elephant dung for our brochures and flyers.

Our aim is also to support like-minded philanthropic companies while sourcing our raw materials or collaborating on point-of-sale products. One example is the production of our 100% cotton T-Shirts that are made by Wildlife Works; a company that protects wildlife, forests and communities in Kenya.

Our recent innovative project involves upcycling the leftover sloe berries after Elephant Sloe Gin production by collaborating with restaurants and bars on creating unique food or drink offerings.


In Kenya, we aim to support local craftsmanship and work opportunities in high unemployment rate areas by working with local beaders to decorate our Elephant Sloe Gin bottles with glass beads strings.

Similarly, in South Africa, we co-founded an education centre, called The Wildlife Spirit, that runs a variety of waste reducing and recycling initiatives, employs a number of locals and supports cultural initiatives such as the sales of local arts and craft.

Two projects have specifically come to fruition: making paper out of elephant dung and producing paper bricks out of newspaper and rubbish paper. Making paper out of elephant dung is the most simple and cost-effective way to reuse natural resources. The project requires limited cash input due to the fact that there is a constant supply of ‘product’ in the area. Through different washing techniques, the finished product is 100% recycled and 100% odour and bacteria-free. The final elephant dung paper is sold to individuals and businesses in the area and utilised by Elephant Gin in promotional materials as well as around the office. All proceeds from the sale of the paper go towards the improvement and maintenance of the wildlife close by.

The paper bricks project has an equally strong impact on the environment. Newspaper and waste paper first gets collected from areas around the local communities, reducing the amount of waste material in the area that would otherwise just sit and wait for years to decompose. At the Wildlife Spirit, the paper is processed into paper-mâché and then pressed into brick format with a simple tool. Paper bricks are popular all around as people use them as fuel for their fire. By creating job opportunities, furthering an entrepreneurial spirit in the nearby communities and cleaning the environment, the Wildlife Spirit has in turn also boosted the tourism industry in the area.


Recognition for company-wide commitment to sustainability

Elephant Gin is a proud partner of Positive Luxury, a company with a mission to close the trust gap between people and brands. They awarded Elephant Gin with the renowned Butterfly Mark.

To earn this coveted trust mark, brands must pass a stringent annual assessment that proves their positive impact on people and the planet and examines sustainability from a holistic point of view. The assessment is carried out by Positive Luxury’s experienced sustainability council and external institutional partners.

We share Positive Luxury’s belief that to create a butterfly effect and ensure a positive future, companies need to place social and environmental responsibility at the heart of their business and embed it throughout their organisation.